Tips on How Small Law Firms Can Connect with Their Potential Clients

Tips on How Small Law Firms Can Connect with Their Potential Clients

For small law firms or solo practitioners, competition is tough. First of all, there are major firms out there with strong websites and advertising techniques and most of them already attract such clients. But that should not be a reason to worry because there is definitely a chance for small law firms to slowly succeed. To do so, we make sure we:

Know Who We Want to Interact With

It could be a certain town or a legal issue that you practiced in. Who are those clients you can help? Do their cases seems probable for you to deal with? Do you want to attract clients locally or nationally? Answering these questions can help you with your SEO keywords and law firm designs. Categorize the people who needs what you can offer.

Have Responsive Web Designs

Since the goal is already set, let us come up with a design for your site. The rules for law firm sites are easy: make it look simple, unique and professional. Use designs that are easy for people to access, multimedia items that are relevant for your practice (avoid unnecessary stock photos for the sake of having one) and contact information that will serve as the window for the clients to interact with you.

Produce Necessary Content

When your site is ready, produce articles or blogs that can serve as a guide for your online visitors to gain knowledge of the services you offer. For example: a client is interested to know the do’s and dont’s of their case and they want your professional opinion. If we depend on the contact page or email alone, it might consume most of your time, considering you also have a job to do outside the site. With these articles, we present an overview for the clients to read, plus you can use it for Search Engine Optimization.

For the articles, just make them accurate as possible. Be concise and include keywords on its link, title, and body. Organize these articles by putting them under categories so that it will be easy for the people to find the exact blog to read.

Additionally, prepare content for you Frequently Asked Questions page, this will be really helpful for you and your future client.

Prove Reliability to the Public

Let us put up your most excellent experiences and use it as a portfolio for the clients to see. Collect testimonials or news articles about your previous work. Include professionally taken photos for support as well.

For website designs, there are two categories in our company, the WordPress Website and the Custom CMS Websites.

WordPress is the most common platform used and has a team of experts that can improve the default offers from WP. We install and customize themes that are compatible for law firm sites.

While for those who prefer Custom CMS Websites, can also guarantee help for improving your content, SEO and support system for a manageable and secure website. We believe in quantity over quality.

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