What Are the Best Themes for Law Websites?

You’ve heard us saying it repeatedly, the rules for designing your law firm website includes simplicity, professionalism and uniqueness. To achieve that, we need to take advantage of online marketing tools like SEO, web development, responsive design and such. But how about your law firm’s theme? What are the best themes for law websites?

There are two things we should consider: a theme that is user-friendly and mobile-friendly. It must be easy for the visitor to browse the site and for the owner to customize it. Compatibility with browsers and other gadgets is also a must.

In this article, we’ll focus on the best themes for a WordPress website. These themes are from Themeforest with good user experience that costs under $60.

Lawyer Base

This WordPress theme is designed to be responsive and it is perfect for practitioners who are not web professionals. If offers three layout styles plus generating an attorney’s profile can be done in less than 10 minutes. It supports Woocommerce plugins at $59.


This theme is one of the cheapest yet it guarantees responsiveness and it has 14 custom home widgets with 2 custom header and footer options that practitioners can switch from. It is coded by developers with good knowledge about SEO which makes it a good option for small businesses who want to rank well in local Google searches. It is WPML compatible at $22. (It currently runs a summer promo.)

Human Rights

HumanRights theme is designed for owners to customize its visual elements anytime without harming its codes. It has a modern look perfect for those who prefer websites that will benefit the younger visitors. It is available at Themeforest for $59.


TheGem does not solely produce law firm themes but it can generate various themes that has high quality SEO and fast loading speed. It is also responsive that can benefit may devices with pre-made demo pages for practitioners to choose from. Since it offers a lot of features, TheGem has prepared a support system to help website owners develop their site in the best way possible. It is compatible with multiple plugins and it’s WPML compatible at $59.


This theme attracts those who are running larger firms as it provides a theme that can showcase attorney profiles. It is a custom services post type and it is compatible with all important functionalities to keep a stronger site. It isn’t complicated to adjust and a variety of shortcodes is ready to benefit the site. They allow adding custom meta for each item on your page for Search Engine Optimization. It is priced at $49.

Once you pick a certain theme that you think will be perfect for your law firm website, you will be the own boss of how it’s going to be like. Working with lawfirmwebsitedesign.co can assist you in making your site better. We offer WordPress website development from installing a premium theme and editing it according to your requirements, to producing powerful SEO services that can guarantee the return of your investments.

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