Which Development Platform Can You Use for Your Website?

Choosing a development platform is one of the important decisions to make when building a website since it is the foundation of your creation. There are various platforms available for different industries out there. But in this article, we’ll discuss the best options for your small law firm website.


You have heard about WordPress many times if you’ve been reading a lot of articles about website development. WP is well-known because it is easy to customize and it does not require the user to be a professional web developer at all (but it’s still a plus). It may take some time to understand the whole process but many would swear that building a website in WordPress is a no-brainer.

WordPress is also preferred by search engines like Google as it offers responsive designs and thousands of themes and plugins, available for free or at an affordable price.

This is a good choice for small law firms because they can easily incorporate powerful SEO that will help generate traffic on the site. If you’re looking for affordable themes, Themeforest offers around 37 thousand web templates for you to choose from.


Here’s another cheap platform that also offers manageable templates at a low cost (paid yearly or monthly). Wix uses AJAX and HTML5 technology to easily allow your website to have its full background intact while the content changes.

Wix also has a long list of law firm templates and most of them focuses on easy-to-access themes where you can put in your contact number, practice areas, information and such. It is a suggested platform as it also allows site owners to incorporate SEO to improve its visibility in local online searches.


As the name of the platform suggests, it’s all about law firm websites. Perhaps you’ll find local firms that prefer LawLytics. It could be a better choice compared to the websites mentioned above but the features might have some limitations. Still, the designs they offer are meant for lawyers to understand and to make their site look professional.

This platform also involves marketing services to improve online visibility and expert advice and training when things get rough. Whether it’s a small or large firm, LawLytics can be the best foundation for your site.

Custom CMS Website

Some of those mentioned above are perfect for those who don’t have in-depth knowledge when it comes to web design. But if you prefer full control over your law firm site, then we suggest you work with a professional web developer to build you a custom CMS website.

You won’t have to worry about third-party relations. Instead, you are going to be the boss and you can implement stronger security if you find a developer that can produce powerful codes.

Building a custom CMS website will be expensive and time consuming than those open-source platforms. But if none of their features fit your standards, then maybe it’s time for your law firm to generate a strongly coded site.

As the internet community grows, more and more platforms will offer better services than those we already know about. Law firm websites may require professional help to acquire more clients.

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