Why Website Design Matters for Law Firms?

Why Website Design Matters for Law Firms?

Let’s imagine that the internet is the society while your website is a person. If the person is not well informed or well dressed, there’s a 98% chance people would keep on ignoring them. But if that person seemed professional enough, they will surely engage in a conversation.

This goes for web design as well. The internet is expanding so as its standards. Before, it was simpler to generate a site with only the needed information and calling to the customer because that was the one-dimensional times. Right now, implementing a boring site would only cost you time and effort without the rewards.
Legal sites are often viewed as a professional site where it requires simplicity and less fancy. This is doable.
But your website design should not only focus on its outer view, it must include its clicking and loading system, especially the mobile-friendly features.

Initial Design
By joining the simplicity bandwagon, don’t forget to be unique. Choose friendly colors for people searching legal services. Use the strengths of your law firm and apply them on your site. For example, customer satisfaction, articles about the most crucial or most searched law issue. Anything that screams “professional” and “trusted” at the same time.
Include information details: Contact, address, e-mail and a list of categorized attorneys for different practices.

Quick Loading
After the outer view, let’s consider the facts: We are on the internet, we need to garner viewers with SEO tools, it’s a competition out there.
One major issue why an online visitor immediately closes a website: slow loading. This is stressful for everyone. Oftentimes it’s not the internet connection that slows down the loading speed, it can be your site’s problem too. More than 40% of the people stick to a website that loads less than 2 seconds. When it is delayed by just a second, these people end up closing the tab. This information is the source why every major site improves their coding day by day. Some basics to enhance your site’s speed is to enable compression, reduce multiple plugins and redirects. There are many ways to do this and if you remove one second of loading time for your legal site, it can increase your visitor numbers. Did you know that Google reduces a site’s ranking if it is not mobile-friendly? Unfortunately, yes. More and more users depend on phones rather than the computers, so if you are trying to publish one, dig in about the do’s and don’ts of SEO.

Marketing is Important Too
It’s a misconception to think that between web design and SEO, only one holds an importance. Both of them are. These two major factors of creating a website go side by side to reach a high measure of local or international visits.

Web Design and SEO Investments
Two choices, manually code for your site or collaborate with a promising law firm web design company. Whatever the choice is, keep in mind that the quality will improve your quantity especially when it comes to search engine algorithms.